Tri-God Kingdom, AKA God Wars Dungeon 3 or 2.5 is a members' new dungeon. It is located in rift of The Great Kourend and Waiko Isles. It is inspired in China's 3 Kingdoms game. It is the themes of Gods in combat styles, Bandos (Melee), Armadyl (Ranged), Seren (Magic).

In another God Castle, it's Zaros (Melee-Magic), Zamorak (Ranged-Magic), Armadyl (Ranged), Seren (Magic), Armadyl (Ranged), Saradomin (Hybrid), Bandos (Melee), Sliske (Magic)

The Tri-God Kingdom is a high to very high combat area. These generals drop weapons and armours based on themed God. For Example, Bandosian boss drops exclusive Strength-based melee weapons and armours, Armadylian boss drops exclusive ranged weapons and armours and Serenic boss drops exclusive magic weapons and armours. These high tier items do not degrade and drop in extremely rare ones. These are the raids that would require many players. Talk to the NPC Xaia the half Hahjarrat half Icyene to do the guide and history why the time compression affected this.

Getting thereEdit

  • Go to Great Kourend and look for the rift of Wintertodt.
  • Go to Waiko Isles to look for a rift.

Areas of the Tri-God KingdomEdit


  • To'grall, representative for Bandos
  • Glydran, representative for Armadyl
  • Dir'gel, representative for Seren

Main DungeonEdit

Bandos' StrongholdEdit

  • Location: Centre-North
  • Requires: ??? Strength
  • General: General Warchief To'grall (his three bodyguards, Sergeant Strongsteel, Sergeant Bladerash and Sergeant Stoneblast)
  • Music: Bandos Warfare
  • Colour: Reddish-Brown or Brownish-Red

However, you can only use melee weapons, but not magic or ranged because it has no effect on those monsters. You can only use melee-based familiars.

  • Goblin (Level 84 and 420) - melee
  • Ogre (Level 86 and 430) - melee
  • Jogre (Level 86 and 430) - melee
  • Cyclops (Level 91 and 455) - melee
  • Ork (Level 107 and 535) - melee
  • Bandosian Spiritual Warrior (level 134 and 670) - melee
  • Bandosian Spiritual Mage (level 121 and 605) - magic
  • Bandosian Spiritual Ranger (level 115 and 575) - Ranged

Armadyl's EyrieEdit

  • Location: Southwest
  • Requires: ??? Ranged
  • General: Gly'dran
  • Music: Armadyl Confrontation
  • Colour: Greyish-Green/Silver-Green/Greenish-Grey

However, you can only use ranged weapons, but not magic or melee because it has no effect on those monsters. You can only use ranged-based familiars.

Seren's EncampmentEdit

  • Location: Southeast
  • Requires: ??? Magic
  • General: Gly'dran
  • Music: Seren's Advice
  • Colour: Cyan-Blue

However, you can only use magic weapons and combat spells, but not ranged or melee because it has no effect on those monsters. You can only use magic-based familiars.